Sales, Sourcing & Brokerage Services

We specialize in equipment for both land based and marine operations, concentrating in items for the driven pile industry, offering new and used equipment from varied sources. We can assist in all items necessary from the mats to the head machinery; from the crane to the power-pack, whether it is a 1,500 lb. drop hammer, a Menck MRBS 12500 steam hammer, rated at 1,582,220 ft.-lbs. or, a 250 Ton crawler crane. We offer a contractors perspective to the situation at hand, offering the best suited equipment at the most competitive pricing for the project.

The company is an authorized independent sales agent for many national manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers. We work with contractors, dealers, and manufacturers throughout North America and worldwide, frequently bringing opportunities to dealers or manufacturers that they would not otherwise be aware of. Some of the types of equipment we deal in are:

• Cranes

• Barges and Workboats

• Hammers and Drive Caps (all sizes of diesel, air/steam, hydraulic andvibratory)

• Leads and Spotters

• Power-packs and Compressors

• Jet Pumps

• Pre-Drill Systems, especially wet rotary